Copy templates onto new computer

Hi, We just replaced all of the office computers. Is there a way to copy all the templates, preferences, etc from the computer onto the new ones. Would save a lot of work and eliminate glitches if I could

You’ll want to set up an Options Profile, if you haven’t already. We had a webinar about creating an Options Profile last week. The recording is here:
Options Profiles Registration (

It’s important that when creating the Options Profile, that you include the template files and other files in the profile. These may not be included by default, depending on when you first set up TaxCycle. Just in case, review this topic:
Move Settings and Templates into Options Profiles | TaxCycle

Also, we have a short topic on the things to do when migrating to a new computer:
Migrating to a New Computer | TaxCycle


Thanks Elizabeth

I know that Elizabeth gave you a great checklist and pointed you to the Options Profile.

One thing that I put into place nearly two years ago was a NAS within my office holding the Options Profile. I may have been only one person, but I knew that I would be looking to hire someone. And when I did, addition of a new computer really helped. Effectively, once the new copy of Taxcycle (and Doxcycle) were installed, I pointed to the Options Profile and everything just was set up.

The latest updates with the templates and a few other things now held within the Options Profile means that we operate with the same stuff. The only part that does not seem to be shared right now may be the printer settings, but we have not used those yet. Next month…

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Thanks @TimParris! Great tip.

Just to let you know, printer settings are indeed shareable in options profiles, you just need to move them in there if you’ve had your profiles for a while.

Take a look at step 4 in this topic:
Move Settings and Templates into Options Profiles | TaxCycle

Cool @Elizabeth

Just fixed that! After all, we should all be doing the same thing.