CM for T1 practise management

In the hopes of using only the CM to manage the workflow of the T1’s thru the office, is it possible to either have an office defined workflow …

I am looking at what is present, and realizing we do not use many of items presently, and there are one or tow that would like to add.

Specifically, I am looking for a way to show that we are awaiting for client to bring additional information and also when a file goes to query how can denote that…

Thank you in advance.



We don’t have specific workflow items for these scenarios at the moment. To date we’ve added new workflow items upon request.

This off season we’re going to be looking at ways you can re-order and hide unwanted workflow items so you can fine tune the list for your practice.


How would I go about requesting the addition of a waiting for client item on the workflow?


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I’ve already created a task to add a “waiting for client” workflow item. This task is a little different to the others because when it is checked, the item is incomplete. I should also note that it’s unlikely this new workflow item will be available before the end of the T1 filing season.

Has there been any progress on a “waiting for client” status? Not sure why it matters that this is an incomplete item. We use status more like buckets to indicate where the return currently is. Don’t really care what has already been done, actually care more what hasn’t been done, but I mostly just care where it is now.