Client Relocation

Good day all,
I have a client who moved to Montreal in August of 2020 and now resides there. Does she have to file two returns? How does one get a Revenu Quebec Identifier number? Your help is welcomed

Yes two returns will be required.

  • Show the date of move to Montreal on the Quebec return

  • Your client will be taxed in Quebec for the whole year income

  • 45% of the Federal tax collected outside Quebec will be transferred to the Quebec return

  • No additional identifications numbers are required except Canadian Social Insurance Number

  • Quebec is rather generous with social programs which may apply to your client based on his family status and income. Review in TaxCycle will bring these out. Don’t forget the Quebec Drug Insurance if he does not have a private plan.

You will require a Netfile number and access code with Revenu Quebec to file.
Call them.
You will also need the TP1 add-on from Taxcycle

Thanks Taxwave. I’ll do that

Is the opposite true as well? If a taxpayer moved from Quebec to Ontario in 2020, is a Quebec return required?

No you don’t. You file in whichever province you reside on December 31st of a particular year.

Thank you!

Its been a long time since I have seen a Quebec return, but then Quebec required an ‘emigrant’ to another province to file up to date of departure

Hopefully someone with Quebec experience will chip in

(apologies to taxwave if this is no longer the case)





I should’ve been a bit more specific. There are some circumstances where one might have to file a Quebec return, although I never experienced any.

The convention is that you file for the province where you were living December 31wt as if one had lived there all year. This means that a Quebec return is not required except when

Although not stated on the website, one could file a Quebec return to get a refund of taxes deducted at source in Quebec if it cannot be transferred to the federal return.
Revenue Quebec will not accept efiling for someone with an address outside Quebec.

Thank you everyone for your input. I contacted Revenu Quebec and spoke to a rep. The process takes about 30 days, but I have the contact to initiate things once the season is over. I’ll just print and mail this year’s