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Can someone give me the process for registering to netfile Quebec returns?

To register for Netfile, you can click on the above link and follow the steps :
Unfortunately, this part of the website is not translated in English…
You will need to have a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) as well as an identification number to be able to register. If your business is not located in Québec, the only option you have is to paper file the TP1 return (you can still EFILE the T1 return). If you need more information on this, you can call Revenu Québec at 1(866) 423-3234.

I am new here, but to be registered for Netfiling Quebec returns, you must have a Quebec file before applying for a Quebec NetFile Account.

If you are resident in Quebec, you use your NEQ which you obtain from the Quebec Register of Enterprises. Alas, The Quebec Register of Enterprises is not able to handle a non-Quebec address (and rightly so, since it was set up to handle Quebec businesses only.)

So as a non-resident of Quebec, your options are to obtain a Quebec Sales Tax Number (QST) or a Quebec Payroll Number (TS).

Of the two, the QST is the easier to obtain for a non-resident of Quebec, but you will then have attendant issues with being required to charge QST and remit when applicable. You will also find yourself in receipt of demands to file Quebec Income Tax Returns as a multiple-jurisdiction business (which is erroneous, if you have no Permanent Establishment-PE in Quebec.)

The other option, Payroll, means that you are saying that you have a PE in Quebec with employees. Again with the multiple-jurisdiction demand.

How I did this was to request a Payroll number “as required by your colleagues in technical services at Revenu Quebec.” I had to fight for this, have to file NIL remittances monthly, plus file an annual NIL Releve 1 Summary. The payroll people were extremely upset with both me and technical services, but could not deny the request.

But I got my Quebec account and then could register for Quebec NetFile.