Client Manager - surprise!

I updated today to the current version of TC (12.1.50574.0) and got a major surprise…Client Manager started up instantly and loaded my selected Quick Search quite rapidly (I have been waiting between 90 sec and 3 min. for this previously). Hope it stays that way!!

Speaking of staying…can we PLEASE have our “pinnned sidebar” choices remain sticky between updates? I have to change the sidebar from right to left and choose “quick searches”. Every. Single. Update.

Glad to hear the client manager loaded quickly for you…we’ve been working on some performance improvement updates and anticipate having additional enhancement changes coming in forthcoming releases. I’ve added your pinned sidebar choices to remain between updates to our list of items to complete.

~ Rob

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That is EXCELLENT news!! Thank you.

The window position and pinned sidebar placement should now remain the in same place after updating.

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Thank you!! Everything that makes life easier is a bonus! :slight_smile: