Client manager setup - network and two accountants

I am looking for a recommendation for the client manager setup.

We have two accountants in our office, different companies(two separate licenses) so different options profiles and different paths that we are storing our data on.

We share staff and we run off of a network.

What is the best way to set up the client manager so that the staff can see the files for each accountant?

Is there an easy way to do this so I don’t have to go on to each persons machine and change how taxcycle logs in so it can see the network folders?


Yes you can do that,

You need to save different options on the server and then have the staff chose the option from the start screen they want to use.

Allo Michelle, If all files are stored on one server simply set up one client manager to index all pertinent folders for both accountants and from the staffs’ desktop machines point their Client Manager to the server.

You still need to deal with the issues with the different partners and efile numbers. I read the message so fast, I assumed it had to do with the two partners different numbers. Could you not have each option have different settings for the client manager or would that cause a big hicup?

It’s all much easier now that the last release of TaxCycle doesn’t require me to change the system setting so that the Client manager can see the files. That was really the biggest part of my question.

We did already have the two options files set up and the staff will have to switch between the two. The Efile and any filing numbers are cleared out in the staffs version of the options so no problem for that part.

We will just have to run with it and see.