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Client manager filter for TOSI

We are trying to do some planning for our T1 clients that may be subject to TOSI and thought if we could identify all clients that are receiving ineligible dividends that may be a good starting point. These would be anyone with a balance on Line 180 of the Schedule 4. I know I can search for returns that have T5s but I have no idea if filtering for a line total is possible, anyone have any experience with this?

You can run a batch report that returns the specific line value for every T1 return you include in a batch report. This functionality is really handy, and you can do more complex expressions as well (i.e. one cell minus another, etc.)

This takes you through adding returns to a batch operation:

Then when you reach the batch report setup window, you can run a “Calculate” batch operation, and in the expression field you just need to enter the cell identifier you’re interested in (when you select the cell in a T1, the cell identifier is shown in the bottom left of the window, and you click on it to copy to the clipboard). Just remove the double {{ }} brackets after pasting the cell identifier into the batch calculation expression field, and you should be good to go.


Thank you, I can think of a number of ways this will be helpful!

Thank you for this information.
The removing brackets instructions was the Missing Key I needed to run the reports our office wanted regarding T1273’s and T1163’s.
So thank you again @rick.s

No problem!