Client Id diagnostic

Would it be possible to add an optional diagnostic when the Client Id is blank?

We have never used that field in the past but would like to start using it as we plan to use Doc-It autofiling.

At the same time that is added, could there be a quick-fix added to copy the client number from one taxpayer to the others in the same file? (We use the same client number for all taxpayers in the same TaxCycle file.)

Thanks in advance.

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I would appreciate this as well. We also use the same Client ID for the spouses and use the ID in the file name.

@matthew We also use, and I have been trying to figure out how to autofile using, and have so far not gotten anywhere. Have contacted, but they have not been any help so far. Is there any info you would be willing to share?


@BertMulderCGA, Here is a screen shot of the “rule” I set up in the Doc.It AutoFile section.
In TaxCycle, I put the client number (from Doc.It) into the Client Id field. For the Document Type I used T1. We plan to use one Binder for all years as we just plan to store the completed file there (all the other support is in DoxCycle), so I set the binder year as 2020, but you could pull the year from the file name I suspect.

I have mapped the AutoFile folder from Doc.It server to a drive and point the PDF there in TaxCycle.

Feel free to message me if you need clarification on what I have done.

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Thanks, have shown this to my IT guy, Eric, who may contact you…

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Is there any chance of this diagnostic being added in the near future?

I will do that today.

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Awesome. Thanks!

We are finding the autofile feature in Doc.It combined with TaxCycle to be very efficient… except when someone forgets to add the Client ID.

For the sake of completeness. All of these are defaulted to off, so if you want them they will need to be enabled in options…

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