Client file not showing up without SIN

Not sure if this is a bug or if TaxCycle was designed this way.

When I set up a new client and enter in all the information I presently have, but don’t have the SIN for that person, so I just save the file by the client name. If I close TC and reopen and then do a search for that client by name, the search comes up empty. When I finally get the clients SIN and enter it and re-save the flie, I can find the client in a search.

Is this by design that you need to enter in the SIN to be able to search for a client?

Try using a dummy SIN.
Pick a set series of SIN values and use this whenever you have the same experience.
For example - 111-111-11x, where x is a valid check digit - or whatever else works.

Make a note to yourself to update the SIN. Perhaps create a custom field - invalid SIN.