Client Data Enquiry - CDE

The report in CDE for taxpayers with DTC for self is coming back as “Taxpayer may be entitled to the transfer of the Disability amount from his/ her spouse or common-law partner for the current tax year.”

Example of another issue follows.

Details of Refund Offsets
The client has a debt to CRA? NO Amount $ 612.78
SEND Code 100


Something is not working right. CRA or Taxcycle?

Thanks, Arliss, for bringing these to our attention!

For the text about the disability amount, we see that both an indicator that they can claim for Self or Spouse are showing the same text. That will be fixed and we are checking to see if we can switch that text when you open the file with the update we are putting out next week. Otherwise, you would have to redo the AFR process to refresh the results.

For the second point about showing that no debt is owed, but an amount is due to CRA, there are indicators in the data received from CRA for when debt is owed to CRA, other agencies or departments, or both. We were told that these indicators would be present with the amount owed to CRA. In your example, it obviously was not the case; you received an amount owing with no indicator. We have sent a request to CRA to confirm if this is expected behaviour which we must handle or if this is a bug on their end that will be corrected. I will post an update once we have news.

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Things are working much more as expected today. CRA must have sorted out some issues.

The response I got from the person at CRA was to ask you to try to download the client’t data again as they thought the system update they did Saturday morning would have fixed the data set to include the indicator of debt.

So I take it from your comment, Arliss, that you are getting logical data now; a Yes is displayed, along with the amount, and no SEND code 100 row?

That particular client’s CDE is still displaying the same now 2016/02/21 18:53:15.

Other files though have been giving more expected results along with the message “All tax data available at the time of the request was downloaded.”

Another today.

Details of Refund Offsets

The client has a debt to CRA? NO Amount $ 246.93
Code CRA Department name Canada Revenue Agency Program name There is no debt on file SEND Code 100


CRA or Taxcycle?