Cannot View Number of Years for DTC Eligibility on RepAClient

Im not to sure if other are encountering the same thing but on CRA RepAClient, under disability tax credit (DTC) section, the years that a taxpayer can claim the credit is not visible.

It just says, “Taxpayer Name.” I am not able to view the number of years a client can claim DTC which is quite frustrating since it’s been like this for the past couple of weeks.

Is there any possible way to fix this?

I’ve noticed the same thing on a couple of files. CRA glitch I presume.

Must be a glitch because I have seen eligibility years listed for all my files so far this year.

I just checked on a client less than 10 days ago and all was well.

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I’ve been noticing this CRA glitch too with the DTC this year. For some clients, it’s accurate, yet for others, only the name shows up whereas the date was present last year. Luckily I print the pages to PDF for my documentation and later reference!

Once such PDF from last year shows a client’s DTC expiring in 2024, whereas this year only the name appears, so I’ve claimed the DTC because it shouldn’t have expired.

And yesterday, one client who has never claimed DTC suddenly showed up as being eligible from 1997 to Indefinite! He was not eligible to claim DTC in any prior year. I’ve had this client since probably the year 2000, and it was only last year where his health started to show notable decline and I suggested he apply for the DTC. Nowhere, on RAC could I find reference to an approval date, and no CRA Mail identifying they approved his DTC. Normally they would only approve 10 years back, so to write 1997 to Indefinite is very bizzare. My client also didn’t tell me he was approved, nor provide me with a CRA letter to this effect, so I’ll be having this conversation with him once I process his stuff.

I complained about this and after 4 phone calls over 6 weeks was informed it was an intentional change. The person who has the DTC will have the dates, but people that have it transferred won’t. Less than ideal.

The DTC Letter does not appear on the client correspondence. Apparently, the DTC group interprets that they handle medical information as opposed to tax information, therefore it isn’t subject to disclosure rules pertaining to tax.

You will never see the letters on the client correspondence.

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Letters of Determination are now showing up in taxpayer’s online mail.

I have a slightly different but related issue. A couple, both eligible for the DTC - on the web site it says 2009 - Indefinite for one and 2021 Indefinite for the other. Both have the statement 'You are eligible…" NOA not rec’d, When I checked the e-filing date in TaxCycle there is a statement “T2201 is required for CRA to complete the assessment”. This is a new one for me. Anyone else have this happen?

No user intervention is usually required.

Transfer of the DTC or partial transfer from spouse has not been processed previously.

Return is typically just delayed a cycle or two.