Children`s Art Amount

When I enter a receipt for art classes I am getting this message: “Expense entry shows no amount” even though I have put the amount in.
Am I missing something?

If I change my province of residence from Ontario to BC Taxcycle does that for me too…both Sports and Art receipts. It must be something in the software causing this… likely because the feds eliminated all of these credits for 2017 but not all provinces have followed suit.

If the client is resident in Ontario there is no longer a sports and arts section in the dependant worksheet because these credits are gone. If I change the client’s province of residence to BC, all of last year’s sports and arts names show up in the dependant worksheet, and I get that same message as you (even if I put amounts in).

The expenses do seem to flow correctly to the BC428 schedule though…

Yes, they do flow through to the correct schedule (I’m doing a BC return).
I just wanted to make sure Cameron and his Taxcyle folks knew about it and to make sure there wasn’t a tick box somewhere I have not noticed.