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Child Expenses

So Why when I enter the child expenses on the T778 page is it showing up on the dad and the mom? This expense is for daycare and the dad has a higher income

Did you check your optimization settings?

It is difficult to tell from your post what you are trying to do(?)
Make sure only the eligible person is trying to make the claim.

CRA provides this information to the public:

Line 214 - Child care expenses

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what do you mean check the optimization? please

Thank you I figured out what you were talking about

Everything is good I called Tax Cycle people they helped me out. The wife’s income is very low so the husband got to claim her. So that caused him to get a bigger refund. Thank you for you help everyone

However it looks as though optimization doesn’t apply here. I answered in a hurry without checking if it applied.

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Click on F4 key in Optimize Select what you want to use from list


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I would like to say thank you to everyone for thier help. :grin:

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