Changing workflow

Would it be possible to change the workflow or allow it to be customized for a particular office?

For example, in my office, I do not need a second level review as I am a sole practitioner. The second level could be optional. Also, my insurance company has refused to permit me to transmit a PAD. Even though I’ve marked that the client is not interested, the workflow insists that this step be performed.

Another example, the workflow given shows Quebec Returns must be transmitted before the Federal Return. In my case, I have learned to transmit the Federal first, then the Quebec.

Final example, I have a multiple jurisdiction return involving the Province of Quebec. The description for the printed Federal return is “Paper Filing”. I would prefer a different title (Federal Paper Filing)

We’ve had some discussions around workflow customization. Initially would hiding an unwanted item and perhaps the ability to reorder existing items be a good place to start?

We’ve re-ordered the transmission items to reflect the federal transmissions first and updated the printing text.

Your suggestion would address my concern completely.

I don’t know if anyone needs the ability to add existing items. Could
someone pipe up about their wishes?

We also which we could customize the workflow. The current set up is all about what is completed and what needs to be completed. We find that we sorely miss a “waiting for client” category. Sometimes it not about what needs to be done or what has been done, but what the current status is. For example once the “source documents received” is ticked off there is a lot that can and will happen before the “data entry complete” is ticked off. That is the time period where it would be helpful to be able to add more boxes so that we can monitor how files are moving through the office.

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I would like to be able to hide certain items that I don`t use too (sole practitioner) - have that in the options so that it is a global selection

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Another sole practitioner here, so the ability to show or hide workflow items that don’t apply in our office would be welcome. I don’t think I would need to be able to add things to the workflow, although Candace does have a point about “waiting for client information” status in the workflow.

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I agree with @candace_n. And if we are able to add items to the workflows, then those need to automatically get loaded in the Client Manager search under Workflow so we can quickly get a list of clients at the custom workflow stage we have created.

We would like the ability to customize the workflow. We prepare approximately 50 GST Returns for some of our self-employed T1 clients. We would like to be able to add some sort of indicator to the T1 in Taxcycle that there is a corresponding GST Return, such that at the end of the season we can run a filter to see a list of all GST/T1 clients.

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I agree with all of the above. One solution, not sure how simple / difficult it would be, is to have a separate table within TaxCycle that contains all the different existing statuses. If the non-system generated descriptions were editable, this would allow users to customize optional statuses to their specific needs. Perhaps the ability to add additional statuses (GST return to be filed) could be accommodated.

Do these answers help @Andrew? Is there enough to provide some ideas on what people are looking for?

Admittedly, we do not know the internal data structure of your workflow system and how it is stored in the file structure. There are also, I imagine, issues with transferring the file from one office with one profile to another office with a different profile/workflow structure.

Yes, this is very helpful. Initially I think we’d update the workflow so items can be re-ordered and hidden. Editing items would come a bit later. We could add some “spare” editable workflow items that are hidden by default.

All customizations would be stored in options and picked up by Client Manager.


I wanted to give an update on how this new feature was coming along. We’ve added the ability to hide and reorder workflow items for each module and year. All customization’s will be stored in options so they can be easily shared.

As with the other module options, you’ll be able to apply your customization’s to prior years etc. In early January we’ll likely post a beta before making this public.

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I was sooooo looking forward to changing the workflow.

But I missed the last sentence.

In early January we’ll likely post a beta before making this public.

Bummer :sob:

I have posted a new TaxCycle beta that includes support for changing workflow. You can find this on our beta section under Changing Workflow Beta.

You can also download the beta here.