Change principal taxpayer on file

Is there an easy way to change the principal taxpayer, other than detaching and re-coupling?

I am finding that most of my files have the male as principal but, more often than not, I am communicating with the spouse. I use the client manager to batch send correspondence and when I want to send to only the principal, the one who should get the correspondence does not get it.

Going forward I will be making my Primary the one who I interact with most, but I would like to change the other files if its not too much trouble.

Alternatively, a secondary email on the file might be helpful to CC the email to.

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Hey all, use the vote button if you like this idea so we can gauge how useful this would be for everyone.

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This would be a fantastic feature as we run into this all the time but it’s too much of a hassle to change it manually. Not sure what the vote button is but I used the heart :slight_smile:

Ditto @AlbertaEFileT

Nice idea (the button to swap the principal taxpayer and spouse).

As such it would take a quarter second rather than a quarter minute to decouple and re-couple returns. It’s not a big issue in our firm - it would save at most 5 minutes per year of “wasted” time. But, it may be a feature to attract new TaxCycle users/customers, who don’t know how to uncouple/recouple returns - easier to find that button on the toolbar than to search the online TaxCycle help pages…

Not sure about the “secondary email” idea - I’m guessing that could be accomplished with the existing “custom fields”?

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There is a button at the top of the thread:

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Hi Sarka, couldn’t find the button, but yes, it would be a great feature. Thank you
Klaus Theyer Exact Tax Service

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I have logged this to take a look at what we might be able to do to make this easier as part of our work for next tax season.