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Switch to province (button)


Hi everybody, I dont know about you guys, but I will love that the SWITCH TO PROVINCE works as it does in taxprep, meaning that when i’m on a T1 pressing the button will send me to the TP-1 and vice-versa.

This is a very convenient option when we prepare provincial forms.




You will see that in TaxCycle very soon.


~ Cameron

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I am not that interested in that option but if you liked it so much in taxprep why are you changing then .!Asking for this program to be like taxprep this is taxcycle and I am proud to use this program!



Sounds like a good feature for those provinces that have their own returns



We appreciate your support and enthusiasm, but this is definitely a feature we need to add, and we’ll do it in a way consistent with the rest of the TaxCycle interface. It won’t disrupt the way you use the program presently.

As I mentioned before, adding a way to switch between the provincial and the federal return is an important part of our roadmap, and something you will see in the very near future.


~ Cameron


Cameron thank you for all you do but I will from now on just not give my opinion and keep it to myself .Thank you

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I do not think Cameron said you could not give your opinion; however, your initial response could have been a little softer around the edges since someone could take it the wrong way.

I am not sure what province you are in; however, if you are required to file a Federal T1 AND a separate provincial return, I suspect that that option would be a real benefit. Is it an option that I need? No I do not think it will be something I will care that much about since I only have to file the one return in Manitoba.

As for requesting things that are in other tax software, I think that is a great idea. we can request the options that we felt worked well and see it @cameron can integrate the option.



What makes Taxcycle so great is that Cameron and his team listened to practioners like you and me, and based on all the user input built the software. Rather than having software conceived of and built in a sterile laboratory, based on scientific opinion of what tax software should be and do.

So please, people, keep those opinions and ideas coming, because Cameron and his team are listening.

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