Carry forward of related companies T2 returns

It appears that if you attempt to carry forward a T2 of a related group and one of the related groups T2 is open in Taxcycle, the program wants to refresh the carry forward resulting in the related T2 that was open being over written by the carry forward of the first T2.

Basically, if you are Carrying forward a T2 in a corporate group and get the following message

Click “No” and close the other T2 and try again and every thing works fine.

This error does not appear to happen if you have an unrelated T2 open.

An aside.

Is the proper terminology “Carry forward”, “Carry-forward” or “Carryforward”

The message has both “Carry-forward” or “Carryforward” in it.

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I read your emails as well. I will try to reproduce this issue. If not successful, I will get Tony or Marc to give you a call.


Thanks @james1 for pointing out the inconsistency. We will correct this in an upcoming release…

This is the standard we are moving towards:

verb = carry forward
noun = carryforward
adj = carry-forward (very unusual)… the carry-forward data (data that has been carried forward).

This would be similar for set up (v), setup (n) and set-up (a).

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Thanks for the English refresher.:slight_smile: I think that is why I became an accountant

I have to admit, I did not spend much time thinking about it. I just noticed it when I was posting the screen shot.

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