Can't carry forward a T2

We are having a problem carrying forward a T2 from 2013. It is a BC Corp so we don’t know why we are getting this error.

We do have a value in Schedule 13.

SourceTrace Error: 0 : Unable to carryforward the TaxCycle 2013 T2 file : ‘C:\Users\Michelle Duford\Desktop\xxxx LTD 20130831.2013T2’

Error : Trilogy.Entities.InvalidIndexException ABCapitalGainsReserve contains no items.
Source : Trilogy.Entities
Details : at Trilogy.Entities.MultipleEntity`1.get_Item(Int32 index)
at Trilogy.T2TY2013.CarryForward.JacketAndSchedulesExtensions.Carryforward(Client principal, Client sourcePrincipal)
at Trilogy.T2TY2013.CarryForward.T2TY2013TaxCycleCarryForward.FileCarryforward(ITaxCycleFile fromFile, ITaxCycleFile toFile, IMessenger messenger)
at Trilogy.T2TY2013.CarryForward.T2TY2013TaxCycleCarryForward.d__0.MoveNext()

Any ideas?


Can you eCourier us the file so we can investigate, please?


~ Cameron

Ok, what are you set up as?

Ok, I found you — ecouriered to