Capitalization of words

I like having the “Automatically capitalize the first letter of each word” selected, but I wish it would not capitalize each word in an area where you are typing sentences. The main area it is a problem is the T1-ADJ form, details section. Another area it just looks goofy is in the “Engagement Information” tab - Special instructions to preparer section. Anyway this can be changed?


As luck would have it, I’m working in this area today anyways.

How would you like it to work? Should it still capitalize the first word after punctuation of some sort, or just fall back to nothing?

~ Cameron

First letter after period would make sense to me. Thanks.

Logged as issue reference number 12205, and fixed for the next release.

Let me know how it works for you.

~ Cameron

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Works great. Thanks again Cam.

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@Cam When I have selected all uppercase I have to switch back to enter the email address since most email addresses are case sensitive. Is there a way around this? Or should I keep the first letter capitalized as in the options screen in the edit section?

I don’t believe email address’s are case sensitive but having the email address section removed from the blanket coverage makes sense to me. My first letter wouldn’t end up capitalized, in my case, and wouldn’t look so goofy then either.

@Arliss Yes,most email addresses that I have seen are in lowercase with numbers and some capitals. If i have the edit set to all capitals then the email address would be wrong. I could go with the manual keying and then change back to all caps. This wouldn’t be effective changing back and forth. Or I could omit the email address all together which is what the CRA is trying use in the future for correspondence. Maybe there is a way to override the email field instead of going back to the options and checking manual entry.

I stand corrected, somewhat.

Question: Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive?


Yes, Email Addresses Are Case Sensitive.
Every email address has three parts. What comes before the ‘@’ (the so-called “local mailbox part”), the ‘@’ itself and what follows the ‘@’ (the domain name).
The answer to the question whether email addresses are case sensitive — whether it matters if you type ReCipiENt@eXaMPle.cOm or RECIPIENT@EXAMPLE.COM or — has to do with these elements of an email address.
The domain name part of an email address is case insensitive (i.e. case does not matter). The local mailbox part, however, is case sensitive. The email address ReCipiENt@eXaMPle.cOm is indeed different from (but it the same as

But Case Typically Does Not Matter

Since the case sensitivity of email addresses can create a lot of confusion, interoperability problems and widespread headaches, it would be foolish to require email addresses to be typed with the correct case. Hardly any email service or ISP does enforce case sensitive email addresses, returning messages whose recipient’s email address was not typed correctly (in all upper case, for example).
This means that
•it does not typically matter what case you type an email address in when you send a message •(If the recipient did give you an email address with distinct case, preserve it, however.)

Yes, you are correct but as you said I would like the email address to be just correct as the service provider furnished them with it. Probably i was overkilling the point of the email but doesn’t all Capitals look odd as an email address. It doesn’t seem right. I think I’ll change to edit setup to capitalize the first letter. Thanks for the help and time. Steve


I’ve turned off the capitalization for email addresses on the T1 Info Form and the T183. Same thing for the Info form of all the other modules. Look for it in the next release.

~ Cameron

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@Cam, Thanks that will solve my issue and yes to the T183 form also. Great!