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Caps on names

Is there some way to have names capitalized in the way they are under client names, spouse names and dependent names whether being used on medical expenses, medical travel, child care expenses, T2222.etc.?

I don’t want to YELL at my clients with all caps nor do I want to be disrespectful if as a result of a typo, the name is not capitalized.

If I enter ‘John’ under the client’s first name or spouse name in info or as a dependent name and enter ‘john’ in medical expenses, I still want it to say ‘John’. automatically.

If there is already a method, short of all caps, to address, please advise.

This is one of my fixes I requested. As far as I know there is no easy fix


I assume this does not do what you want?


Unfortunately, I Think You Get Something Like This When You Click That Box.

Using that option is fine for most things; however, I do not like capitalizing words like “And” it just looks wrong.

Automatically capitalizing the first letter of sentence could be better. That being said, I have not tried that option since the first year when I got the above so you may have changed how it works.

However, that may work for Helga

"However, that may work for Helga’

NOT! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather do ALL CAPS than ‘Something Like This’.

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The name exists in the drop down list, specifically the Client(s)’ and their dependents, those are primarily the ones I am concerned about.The capitals are on the software somewhere to feed to the drop down list. Not being a programmer, I can’t understand why it can’t flow from the info screen or dependent screen, as is, to the medical form. .

If my doctor handed me a prescription that listed me as ‘helga’ Spence’ or ‘helga spence’, I would not be impressed. But if it said ‘foothills Hospital’ for an appointment, I’d think typo - no biggie. Capitalizing a client’s name is a way of showing respect. Not capitalizing a client’s name can be MAJOR faux pas [ even for me 8) ]

We use whatever capitalization you enter on the dependant or info form to populate the drop down on medical expenses. We’re not changing these as far as I can see. If you have a situation that is otherwise, I’ll need some more details to help track it down.

Speaking of caps, and trying to not get too off topic. When you AFR a corporation, we get the download from CRA with addresses in CAPS, I think the program throws an error if we have the same address not in caps. Maybe it is because we are missing a “.” etc.