Capital letters on first names

Adam has a medical expense. I enter the date and then type ‘adam’ and that’s exactly what I get. The drop down menu clearly had ‘Adam’. As I am not aware of any first name that is not capitalized, why are the first names in the medical and medical travel worksheets not automatically capitalized?

I would appreciate seeing capitals on ALL first names through out the program but definitely on the medical spreadsheets.


Me too, this is annoying.

I have defaulted to ALL CAPS ALWAYS…

this solved the annoying problem for me… You can find in Options, Return preparation, Edit

ALL CAPS IS YELLING :slight_smile:




Did not mean to offend… was illustrating how it fixed the problem of some items not being picked up due to capitalization of first letter not being consistent

My sincere apologies

to anyone i have offended

Rachel Thibodeau Parlee
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All caps is okay in tax! There is no reason for anyone to be offended.

Not offended… Just following your example.

Do the clients know this?

The “All caps” is not in communication like emails, letter and txt, etc… … just in the tax program… for the Client letters(generated from Taxcycle) their
name & address show up in all caps… the balance of the letter is in regular font. Have not had any comments prior to this exchange on the matter

i also do some things in caps - i would rather have some information in the program all in caps than not having caps where they should be.

Personally, I find all caps hard to read and prefer to use English properly.
The medical form drives me nuts with this anomaly, that should be a simple programming fix.

@Cameron - can this be addressed soon please?

yes, that woul be great

I think on the medical travel and medical worksheets, the predictive typing list should be coming from the info and dependent pages which are appropriately capitalized.

While All Caps is acceptable, it unfortunately plays into the “Natural Person not subject to tax”.

It is for that reason that various organizations (including the CRA,) have been moving towards the first letter capitalization format.