Calculation help for data monitor

I’m trying to setup a data monitor that will equal the total tax expense to book in the F/S for corporate clients to help with file review.

The calculation is generally total federal taxes payable + total Alberta taxes payable - federal dividend refund. I have no trouble getting the field codes, etc., but can’t figure out what format to put everything in for the calculation to work.

I’ve tried a bunch of variations along these lines with no luck so far:


Any tips would be much appreciated!

Figured it out right after posting of course!

In case anyone else runs into this question, I just had to remove the “CurrentClient” prefixes, and no brackets or = sign is necessary.

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Thanks Rick! You beat me to it.

Just in case you haven’t noticed… I just did a bunch of updates to the online help on Data monitors.

This topic could help someone is are trying to do more advanced things: Data monitor expressions

Other revised topics include:
Work with data monitors
Share data monitors

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Thanks Elizabeth - bookmarked them all :slight_smile:

Hello Rick,

How did you enter this code? in the descrition? also what did you enter for the expressioon and colour section?

This is how I entered this monitor:


The links above from Elizabeth also explain all the functions of the different fields, etc., in more depth as well.