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Data Monitor for T1


I have a T1 client there family refund is a balance due showing in red in brackets then right next to it i have the individual client that also has a balance owing but yet its in green and in brackets. This is so confusing as both owe but one is red and one is green. I was wondering how to change this. I would like the balance due to be in red with no brackets and if they get a refund i would like that in Green with no brackets. I dont see in the data monitor section on how to do this. If you could supply me with the correct expression or condition that would be great!


Page 34 of the Taxcyle user guide"

Place cursor on the data monitor, right-cleck to edit

Yes I know that but the code is not the one that i would like. the colours are wrong and i dont want brackets around them.

Right click on the data monitor in question, and select “Presets” There you’ll find 3 versions of the family balance, so you can choose the version that you like.

I dont really like any of them thats the problem. I will play around with it but i was hoping for some better suggestions.

To get exactly what you are saying you want:
Right click on the Family Balance Due monitor > Presets > Family Balance Due / refund
Then a balance due is red, without brackets, as you have requested

Thank you so much! it worked :slight_smile: