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Data Monitoring


I am working on my data monitoring for T2, T3, T1 is there a section to read on how to create your data monitoring? I want to make sure it codes right but i dont see to much information about it?


Sure. There are a few topics under the Review tools section in our documentation, starting with this one:

This one helps you create your own expressions.

Also note that the topics about Template Code contain information about creating conditions and expressions, so you can jump down into that section as well:

Finally, if there’s something you want to do and can’t figure out, post here or email support. We’ll give you a hand.

Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for those links. I have seen the first two but thought maybe there was more in depth topics about it. I really appreciate the quick response and for now i figured out what i needed but in the future if i need a specific code I will make sure to write on the online community. I love this online community everyone is so helpful and quick to respond, its great! :smile: Thanks again!


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