Plans for integration with ClientTrack?

Is anything in progress regarding integration with ClientTrack??

We use it exclusively for T1 return client contact and work flow management.

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That would be wonderful! We use Client Track too

Sorry to say my attempted interaction with Client Track has been negative. They just don’t respond to inquiries?

Anyway, TaxCycle Client Manager does the trick for us.


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We, too, have now moved on from Client Track. Now looking for integration with Xero and Workflow Max :slight_smile:

You posts did get me to go investigate Xero and Workflow Max a little bit. I have to admit that I found the program(s) interesting. I am not sure I would go as far as recommending it to my clients yet and I still am not 100% sold on the cloud accounting idea. Xero does integrate with the square so I could see some benefits with integration with Taxcycle.

The question is, should Taxcycle try to integrate with Xero, or should Xero be building the bridge to integrate with Taxcycle? Personally, I think it makes more sense that Xero build the bridge.

When I get time, I will consider trying out the 30 day trial to see why you like the program so much.

I don’t think I would be interested in doing a merge with any of them. I believe TaxCycle’s Client Manager does the job.

I think the point of Shelley’s comment is that Taxcycle could integrate with the accounting system (Xero) and from my best guess based on my quick look, a time and billing system (Workflow max). I do not think the Client Manager can effectively do either of these services. Taxcycle has some basic invoicing options; however, it cannot handle the invoicing needs of a full cycle public accounting firm. The client manager handles Taxcycle files and I doubt there are plans to make it into a full time and billing system.

As mentioned before, I think she is asking the wrong team to integrate the program, If she wants Taxcycle to integrate into Xero and Workflow max, she needs to be talking to the makers of Xero and Workflow max to get them to build the bridge.

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Thanks James 1 for your reply. I’m not convinced that Accounting Programs should mix with Tax Reporting Programs? Client Manager is a very good tool for managing the Clients tax reporting & activities.

Also, I agree with you regarding the integration programs; it’s up to say “Client Track” to set that up with TaxCycle permission.

Anyway, I’m happy with our Client Manager.


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Hey Shelley,

If you really want the best on line Bookkeeping give FreshBooks a try. Been using the product for 3 plus years great operation and very good support. They have other great features for your Client use.

You can try for 30 day no charge.

Also, the integration of bookkeeping software with tax software is not a good idea. I find that DoxCycle holding/storing Client data is better idea.


Freshbooks isn’t really full cycle bookkeeping. It’s designed more for consultants and non-accountants. You can download your expenses from your bank and it records invoice payments only.

Freshbooks is designed to be downloaded into something like QuickBooks and the rest of the ‘accounting’ finished. There isn’t even an ability to put year end adjustments into Freshbooks.

It’s a fabulous tool for Invoicing and project management but I would have to disagree with you Michael. I am Freshbooks certified and it isn’t’ intended to be provide a complete bookkeeping solution.

I’ve used Xero In house for 5 years now. Love it. Have 4 clients on it. Hate it. Too many clients with multiple companies, and just can’t justify the $30/m/company fees. But I can’t give it up for my own company!

I would love to see TaxCycle produce an export of some kind that Xero or another accounting program could use to input the invoices directly. Just don’t like the double data entry!

Same as jglass I use Xero for my own accounting. I love it. Its works perfectly. I also have several clients on it and the price is steep, no question about it, when comparing with QBO even after QBOs pending price increase.

I’m would also like to see a Taxcycle export that could be imported into Xero.

Aside from that I’m wondering what people do for general client management. I run a bookkeeping/tax office with year round bookkeeping clients. I’m looking for a solution to track time, clients and deadlines, etc. across my practice and something that can bill out to Xero and QBO. The taxcycle client manager doesn’t really fit that bill becuase its strictly for Tax clients. I’m looking at CCH ifirm, expensive and Jetpackworkflow, mininmal with no integrations. In this day and age I don’t see the point in a desktop program like Client Track. What are your thoughts?



I attended the latest Client Track seminars and they did say that they plan on releasing a version of their software that links with Taxcycle.

That is exactly what I was hoping to see - the ability to import the invoices from Taxcycle into Xero - so I did not have to double entry the invoices. It would be an added bonus if I could do the bookkeeping in Xero and then import into the T2125 .

Ooh, that would be great! Or import from a standardised .csv or .xls file could work too!