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Integration with Xero?


Just wondering if integration with Xero is on the radar? I have more and more of my clients transitioning to Xero and it would be great if there was an easy method of being able to transfer data between the programs. Thanks!


In know that there has been requests for integration with accounting software made previously; however, usually it is with accounting software that is more widely used. I would doubt that Xero is on the radar.


Just wondering if there has been any changes to this?


Integration with XERO… Two the best software are together - It will be magic!
Does nobody want it? I don’t believe…


I would love something like that, but feel like the integration should be on the Xero side through their API - probably way easier to do that way, than from TaxCycle side.
e.g. have the Xero’s profit and loss and balance sheet export to a GIFI file, or to a TaxCycle import file.


A solution that I was going to try this T1 tax season was using the import feature in Taxcycle. You export a csv to Excel and then follow the instructions at to import into Taxcycle. I didn’t see that option available last year so will try it this year. Definitely not a 1 step process but still far better than typing the whole ruddy thing into Taxcycle. I currently have my COA in Xero set up as the GIFI codes, so hopefully that will help :slight_smile: