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Batch reporting and AS21 Issues

I’ve noticed a recurring glitch with regards to the AS21 schedule and it’s interplay with the T2/AS21WS in that AS21 essentially ignores the selection of whether or not to rely on the T2 for balances. In files where balances differ, this causes odd and unpredictable behavior - the AS21 balance will sometimes revert back to the T2 balance when I’ve input a differing correct balance when I’m not even on those worksheets. The optimizations also don’t appear to function correctly in these scenarios, and will match T2 values despite different amounts being appropriate when the balances don’t match. Also, if this check box is selected it doesn’t seem to carry through to AS21WS in that overrides are initially indicated for open balances I’ve input that don’t match the T2, but after clicking around the override indicator tends to disappear. I sent in an example file quite a while ago to support to illustrate, want to make sure this is on the radar as I’ve recently run into it again on two returns. Because the values often change back to match the T2 without any user input, I think it creates a risk of mis-filing that is significant enough to make a fix a priority, although I recognize this doesn’t effect a high % of returns. Here is the check box I’m referring to:


I also would like to run a GRIP/RDTOH batch report on all our T2s to identify potential issues relating to the new passive income rules. Batch reporting seems to be broken in the current release, when I called support they indicated there would be a fix near the end of September. Looks like this may have been delayed - any idea on the timeline here? Hopefully in the next week or two?


We’re looking into the AS21 issues you’ve described.

With regards to the batch calculate. I’ve identified the issue and it will be addressed in our next release (towards the end of this week).

The fields to query would be:
GRIP: CurrentClient.S53.GRIP.M[21] > 0
RDTOH: CurrentClient.T2.RefundableDividendTaxOnHand.M[7] > 0

Sounds good, thank you Andrew!


I am trying to reproduce the AS21 bugs and optimization. So far, no success. I searched all the customer emails back to March and found an email from you with a test file that described an issue with loss utilization not being correct for AB. The comment indicates that the issue was fixed. Unfortunately, the test file you sent has expired and the file permanently deleted (as we do with all files from customers for security reasons).

I am so sorry to ask but could you send us a sample file with steps to follow to reproduce the issue? Make it to the attention of Steven Yu and I will take a look. We plan to do a release this week so I would like to try and resolve this in that release if the fix doesn’t cause too much of a risk.


No problem Steven - appreciate the security policy, will send you files tonight via e-courier.

Thanks. Got the file.