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T1 optimization worksheet issues

Is anyone else noticing issues with the optimization worksheet in the 2018 T1 module?

Yesterday I was trying to adjust a tuition claim through the worksheet, and the values were being ignored.

Today I’m playing with which return to claim donations on, and the values are begin ignored, ex:

I know where to go to override the numbers, but in general don’t like using overrides in tax software as I’ve seen it have unintended consequences many times! Much prefer to use something like this optimizations worksheet.

Maybe I’m just doing something wrong here? Is there something else I’m forgetting to key in maybe?

Hi Rick,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - it appears that the “Claim different amount” question on the Optimizations worksheet is no longer linking to the same question on the Donations worksheet. This of course results in no difference in the amount claimed field. This can still be achieved without overrides if you go to the Donations worksheet directly and set the wish to claim question to “Yes” and enter in the desired amount to claim.

We will look at having it resolved in an upcoming release. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the issue.

~ Rob