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I have a random question but if i have client manager set up in my profile but i want it say turned off in the background for the time being and then when i decide i need to use it is there a way to do that? i know it runs in the background which can make taxcycle run slower but i don’t want to get rid of client manager so is there a way to turn it off in the background somehow? I know its a strange question but who knows :slight_smile:


I find it does not slow it down.that I find

you are very lucky then! it could be because i have 3 profiles but right now im struggling just to set up the client manager server, my IT company has worked with tacycle support and it still isnt figured out :frowning:

To turn it off, go to your click manager options and click the highlighted link below:

The next screen will offer you buttons to start and stop client manager…

Hello Cameron,

Thank you so much! one other question is, i have 3 profiles and all 3 run client manager so if i hit stop on say the first profile will it stop in the other 2 or just the one profile i am in?

Hi Rebecca,

I believe it will stop the service running for all three. There is only one client manager service allowed to run at a time.

Hello Aliysa,

Ok thats what I thought but i wanted to make sure :slight_smile: thanks so much for your response! Happy New Year!

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