Autofill - Instalments

Does anyone know why the the AF does not download the instalments paid for 2016?
I have AF several returns and the instalments do not download.

The info is available from CRA and not a third party so s/be there . It would save time rather than getting stmt from
client or going online again to check on CRA site


It does… Go to the Instalment form and you will see a diagnostic message asking if you want this instalments to match those downloaded.

You can also see these on the AFR(REP)(TDD) form under the HBP and LLP section.

It is my experience that Taxcycle does download the Instalment Payments for 2016 but does not post them immediately.

If you go to the AFR(REP)TDD screen you should see the 2016 instalments have downloaded. You may have to hover over the figure and then click on the little popup bubble that says something like “Use AFR Values”. Taxcycle should then post the amount.

If you forget to do this, I believe there is a Review message indicating there are Installments paid.

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