Age of Taxpayer and other minor suggestions

A couple of minor suggestions:

  • Can we have the age of the taxpayer displayed/calculated/searchable? This will allow determination if there needs to be a CPT30 to be filed?
  • For that matter, would it be possible to also have this appear within the T4 return too? Though as an optional field.
  • Would it be possible, somehow, to set up relationships which are not necessarily linked within the tax return, but perhaps manually entered within the Client Manager. I have two sets of multiple birth siblings and it would be nice to cross-connect the various families. But, I really consider that low priority.

Here’s how you can show the taxpayer’s age in the data monitor. Right click on any blank data monitor, and choose “Edit Data Monitor”, then enter the information as shown below:

I’ve made it so that taxpayers 65 or older on December 31st show in red.

Is that the age you’re looking for? Or are you looking for the taxpayer’s age as of today?

The client manager also has an age based filter… Does this help?

Let us know if any of this helps.

~ Cameron

That will help for my initial issue… will need to think about some of the various options that could be used for this as your filter shows up some other options that I had not thought of earlier.

I’ve added a “Taxpayer Age” to the data monitor presets to make this easier to add to your data monitors in future. You’ll see it in the September release.

~ Cameron