AFR slip matching not being saved, even for previously DL'd and imported data

The AFR import screen seems to be forgetting previously imported slips, and I’m having trouble figuring out why.

For instance, this is a selection of the AFR screen that is coming up when I click on the data/AFR function:

The slips that are registering as new (highlighted) are not in fact new - I’m using the previously downloaded data, and all of the slips have already been imported into the file. When I exit the AFR screen and navigate to the slips, they do have the AFR data column filled in as well so the initial import of the slips was successful.

To test that it wasn’t just a one off, or some issue caused by the preparer’s process, I went through and assigned all of the slips again and re-imported. I then immediately went back to the AFR screen and used the previously downloaded data again, and these same slips are showing as new. It is my understanding that the starred and bolded slips in AFR windows should only indicate new information, or perhaps slips that were downloaded but not imported. Do I have that wrong?

This is the third return I’ve reviewed today where this has been occurring… the only thing consistent between them seems to be their complexity (i.e. all have >50 slips importing).

I re-enter the AFR screen quite often as part of my file review process - either if I’m doubting that the slips have been properly reconciled by the preparer, or if there are a high number of T3 slips and I want to re-download and verify that nothing new has been posted since the file was prepared, so this has definitely slowed down my reviews.

I’m not sure if this issue is new or if I just wasn’t understanding/noticing it before, but in any case I’m wondering if I’m missing something/if others are experiencing this?

Because it does not save that information at the moment.

It has been brought to their attention here

Thanks for clarifying @james1, I didn’t realize that was the case re: slip matches not saving.

Are the starred/bolded slips above operating as intended though? From what I remember in the webinars I thought that those UX cues were to signify new/changed information when a new AFR download was run? That isn’t the case here, as I was using previously downloaded data. There’s a good chance I have the wrong impression about this feature too, so I’ve reclassified this thread as a suggestion!

I do not think it is working as well as expected. I do not know what they are using to match slips; however, it appears that some slips match just fine and then others that should match (i.e one T5 in the return and one T5 in the AFR with the same values do not get matched and Taxcycle wants to add a new one.

I am sure that this is still a work in progress. According to @Cameron, they get relatively minor data to work with from CRA; therefore, if you have weird results for an AFR download, try sending it to @Cameron via E-courier using the following

By sending them additional AFR data, they should be able to refine the download.