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Revenu Quebec - HST/QST Return - Accountant representative help?

Dear Tax colleagues,

A new client (Quebec Corporation) approached me to have their GST/HST - QST return filed.
(It is a nill return, since they have not started operations yet).

Question: How do I register my firm (Accounting firm) as a representative to be able to file the GST/HST - QST return on the company behalf?

I have never had a Quebec corporation before for GST/HST - QST returns, and therefore I am not a Quebec “registered” efiler yet.

Any advice will be appreciated.

go to clic sequr and select English if necessary.

It will be easier for you to be registered as an individual handling the file rather than your firm.

For your firm to be registered, you have to be registered with the Quebec Enterprise Registry, for which you must have either a Quebec address or an address of a Quebec individual to represent your firm. Then you, as the individual, will need to file a Quebec Personal Tax Return and obtain a Quebec Notice of Assessment. With these two parts, you can be registered as under the RepPro+ system.

While, as an individual, you only need to provide the last couple of digits of your SIN, and you don’t register for a Representative ID.

I am registered BTW, under my firm. The process is somewhat easier for me.

Hi Gabriel, I am kind of in the same boat. Were you successful in completing the registration? If so, grateful if you could share the steps you took.

Hi TimParris, I called Revenue Quebec and it seems that, even to register as an individual (PRO rep), a NEQ is still required (a mandatory field in the registration page). Do you have any idea how one can register this without NEQ?
Alternatively, is there another way to file a HST-QST return for a client?

Thank you, any additional information is appreciated.

Hi killerbeedee,

Thanks to all for the responses thus far.

I tried, but was not successful yet (it seems that even to register as an individual, to be a representative, I need to have my -personal- tax assessed by Quebec, which I have not since I live in Ontario).

Truth to be told, I am still waiting for my client to send me the final information, but thus far I was not successful to even register myself as a representative.

I did not call, since I did not have time to wait on hold.

Any further input, will be appreciated.




Thanks Gabriel,
It seems to me that the other alternative would be to fill out the personalized form received by the client and have them send the form.
Not sure if there are any other ways.

To register as RepPro with Revenu Quebec you will need a NEQ unless you live(operate) in Quebec and file a Quebec tax return.
To register consult this link
As for filing GST/QST returns, only a RepPro+ is eligible. To obtain RepPro+ you must file a Quebec tax return (individual or corporate) every year.
The only alternative is to complete the GST/QST return and have your client send it.

Thank you for the clarification taxwave!