70(2) Rights and things-field entry to input on final

Having a brain fog moment. To efile the T1 Final, where do we enter the notification to CRA that a Rights and things is also being filed by mail? Field 9906 on Efile worksheet? Is there any other boxes. A competitor software actually has a drop down to say a 70(2) is being filed.

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In the Info worksheet in the Life events section there is a dropdown for the type of return.


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I was referring to the signal to CRA on the T1-Final that another return (the 70(2) ) is being filed as an election. i have already identified the current return as a FINAL. Is it box 9906 on the Efile worksheet as a YES answer or is there something else. another software package actually has a drop down to tell CRA on the T1 FINAL that a 70(2) is also being filed. so what does box 9906 do when you answer YES to that box?

You could mark it here, but as far as I know, this is really just a courtesy to CRA to let them know there is more than one return being filed concurrently and to accumulate all the account first:

thanks. DT Max software actually has a drop down box at 9906 on the efile worksheet to choose that a 70(2) is being filed separately. it seems very specific in the reporting. just wondering why TC doesn’t have the same.

Answering Yes at field 9906 tells CRA that something is going to arrive by mail related to the return that is being transmitted. That could be an election or some other documentation that you deem important for them to consider. I don’t know if the return would be withheld from processing until it arrives, though my impression is that it would be processed normally unless something in the return triggers a review.
The T4011 guide for deceased returns says nothing about indicating anything on the Final return, only what to put on the T1 and that the due date of the optional returns is the same as the Final return.

Thanks Allen.

I did find this last night on 70(2) fling deadline that was new to me:

You have to file this return by the later of:

  • 90 days after the CRA sends the notice of assessment or reassessment for the final return
  • one year after the date of death
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