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T1 5-year UX suggestion

Just a minor UX suggestion here regarding self employment income in the 5 year.

We use the 5 year summary as our primary place for review and analysis in T1s. To move around the return efficiently there is a lot of “drilling down” by double clicking on balances, followed by escaping back to the 5 year summary. One item that we have very consistently is self-employment income, which doesn’t have a drill down link presumably because it’s a total of a few lines. Could you guys consider linking that number to the “StatementSum” worksheet, or to just have it navigate to the appropriate lines of the T1 jacket when clicked on?

Very minor, and I realize we can just click on a line above to get there, but that little shortcut hasn’t been apparent to our less IT savvy folks so I’m guessing there are some other users out there that are in the same boat.


Done, look for it in the next release coming soon.

~ Rob

Thanks Rob – much appreciated!