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3010 Charity Returns - Schedule 2

Short version:
Could you please have a 0 (zero) print in box 200 of Schedule 2 of the Charity Return if the cell is blank?

Long version (in case you want to know why):

We have a charity that is involved in activities outside of Canada. All of the funding is paid to qualified donees, but the charity does provide volunteers who cover their own costs.

As a result, the correct answer at line 2100 is yes. Since all payments went to qualified donees, however, the correct answer at line 200 is 0 (zero). But we can not enter a zero… it ends up blank when we enter zero.

This caused grief for the Charity Directorate, and in turn grief for our client. The charity received a letter saying they filed an incomplete return and could end up with a revocation of charity status (that is what caused them the grief).

We contacted the Charity Directorate. They said a blank line is incomplete. A zero would be complete. The zero may result in them contacting us to ask questions, but would not end up with the return being deemed to be incomplete. To resolve it we now have to write them a letter.

So at this point, when we have this situation, we will have to remember to draw a 0 in the box. Having one print would be easier.

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Thanks for bringing this one up. It has been fixed already and going to be in the next release.

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