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Donation or charity

one client has donated to Registered charity (Religious Place for worship) in payment amount i.e $300 and in inkind amount i.e $324( food cost). How we can use these amounts as charity donations work sheet in tax return?

From your post, it appears you can legally use $0

The reason is that your post does not address the requirements of the Act, in particular S118.1(2)(a) of the Income Tax Act, and the requirements of IT Regulation 3501

To be fair, the OP has not said there is no properly issued receipt.

If there is no valid and properly issued receipt from a Registered Charity for either the cash or in-kind donation, the value for tax purposes of the donation is NIL.

If there is, list it on the donation worksheet and maintain a copy in DoxCycle of it so you can supply it upon request.

Thanks, but I see that the OP edited the wording of their post after I had posted my reply response.

That notwithstanding, I would say that the same principles apply.
(My observation would be that properly required documentation in hand would include the required necessary information, obviating the need for a question).

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I am quite used to gaining additional tax knowledge from your posts Joe but now you are also increasing my vocabulary. :grinning: