XML transmission error 089

I keep getting this error trying to submit a T5013FIN and T5013 slips, yesterday and today. I don’t think the problem is on CRA’s end because I gave up and did the submission from their web site for XML uploads (worked fine).

I have triple checked the BN account number and web access code, the same codes I used before for T5 and T4 returns.

Any ideas?

the complete error message is “Error: 089 - We are unable to provide information at this time. Please call 1-800-959-5525 for help.”

Follow up: I finally got through to the correct department at CRA and there was actually some problem on their end that required a reset for my business number. Apparently this is affecting many transmitters and has nothing to do with anything I did or our software.
The number to call if you need: 1-800-665-5164

Its working now, no phone call needed