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WITB for dependant

If preparing tax return for primary and they have a dependant 18+, the WITB is not being calculated. The fix is to detach dependent from primary.
I first noticed problem on Mar 2nd, but was unable to revisit file until the 4th. After spending significant time trying to solve why I called Tax Cycle who informed me of this easy fix.
I am disappointed in Tax Cycle for their lack of communicating existing issues and fixes to software. It seems to me that they leave it to us in the field to discover the issues.

I do not think that this is the case; however, I agree that it can be frustrating sometimes when things do not work as expected. Tax software is complicated and I do not think it is possible to check everything effectively prior to its release.

Agreed, maybe not possible to check every little thing. But why wouldn’t Tax Cycle notify us of existing issues and fixes, why do they wait for us to notice? How many returns have been filed incorrectly because of this. This issue is at minimum 3 days old. Why not post this information on News feed? How many phone calls would you save?
I thought Tax Cycle was a little more proactive than that.

I agree that known issues should be available to the users on a more timely manner

Thank you for pointing this out; we apologize for the delay in posting this issue in our news feed. An update will be available later this week to correct this issue.