What happened to all the on-demand training webinars?

Am I missing something? There used to be TaxCycle training webinars available to watch on demand. I am also looking for a good Personal Tax Update/Refresher course. Anyone have any recommendations?


You can find these under “Documentation”. Select the topic you are interested in and if there is a video it will be listed there.

Or, you can type “webinar” in the search bar to find previously recorded webinars.

Video tax News gives the best Tax Update courses I know of (Personal and Corporate)

We are in the process of switching webinar platforms and the transition is taking a few days longer than expected. We will have them online again soon. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks! I am finally taking the plunge and purchasing the Taxcycle T1 license. I have enjoyed this board for about a year and have used the trial but my practice has been too small to make the jump to unlimited returns. I tried Cantax small office but the support was non-existent and the interface difficult to get used to. I like the Taxcycle interface and love the free webinars along with the support of this online community. Hopefully this will make my transition easier as I grow my tiny home based T1 business.

You will not be disappointed. I too have a small but growing tax preparation business. Their support, telephone and on-line is stellar.

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There used to by a 6 hour introduction video, which I recall qualified for verifiable CPD credits. Will that be coming back? Thanks!

Thanks, I checked out the website, looks good but the courses are pretty expensive. Are there any other courses / resources at different price points that are any good?

When it comes to tax, you get what you pay for. Video Tax News has been around for 30+ years for good reason. They are the best at what they do. They also offer discounts for registering early or if you can get a group together that wants to take the same course.

Very in depth, great resources for you to use later. Two CPA’s and a tax lawyer - they are the complete package.

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How much do you they pay you to say that :wink:? I really appreciate the recommendation and I agree you get what you pay for. Although right now I’m primarily focussed on just personal tax. I’ve taken most of my courses through CPA Ontario but looking for other options. I will definitely keep keep this one in mind. Thanks.

You asked for a recommendation - I gave one.
You felt the need to complain that they are a bit pricey.
I simply explained why I recommended them.

They have stand alone Personal tax courses. Newbies to Ninjas Personal Tax is the one I send my employees to. Link to the info is Here It’s well worth the investment (and no, I don’t get paid to say this)

I apologize Debbie as I didn’t mean to offend you. As I said, I do appreciate the recommendation and will definitely take a look.

I have been going to their seminars for probably 15 years. Absolutely worth it.