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Volunteer work

When tax return is done free of charge, there are two boxes on page 4 of T1, 487 and 488 that should be check or marked as 1.
Which one is marked as work is done free of charge or volunteer? and how do I enter a check mark or 1 in that box?


It appears per my knowledge this information can be indicated on the Engagement worksheet under prepare/firm representative, however when entering yes or no to both questions volunteer and fee charged. The results are as follows : Volunteer selected yes on line 487 of the EfileWS, however no value “1” is entered in box 487 of the T1 General page 4. 490 is corrected prepared by client and since there is no fees charged no information is entered in this area on the T1 General. 488 is Refund transfer amount , this would apply if client requires that the refund be transferred to their installment account for next year. You can select on box 488 of the EfileWS , again I do not see the Value 1 flow to the T1 General of page 4. .