Unused Fed and Prov tuition credits

Hello there!

I just want to ask if how these unused tuition credits work? Like for example, if I do have $5000 unused tuition credits, does it mean that I can carryover it this 2020? Thanks!

This will be handled by your tax accountant (who may be a Taxcycle user), so you should really refer your question to them.

These credits work by operation of Income Tax Act sections 118.5. 118.6 and 118.61, also S118.9 etc.
In the legislation (Act), there are a LOT of very precise rules and restrictions relating to what may or may not be done.
If the “unused” was from before 2019 TY, the actual 2020 C/f may be well $0. The accountant would need to examine the file details.

CRA general inquiries line is 1-800-959-8281