UHT return

I was surprised after the update today to find that the UHT-2900 is in the Forms Module for an additional fee of $210.00.
What are others doing if you have only one return to complete?

Use the CRA version:



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Yes. For one or two, or five returns I’d just use the CRA fillable form:


For more than that (if I didn’t already have a subscription that included Forms) I’d probably buy it. Then charge the client enough to recover my costs!

I can’t believe that the UHT-2900 Form is not included with the paperless suite. It is not an optional form that is used once or twice. There are numerous conditions where the form must be filled out. Having to pay an additional fee is annoying! And expecting my clients to pay more is just another shot to their already weak pocket books! Disappointed in this decision by Taxcycle and Xero!

UHT is a whole new tax system, separate from income tax - kind of like GST/HST. Not all GST/HST forms are included in the T1 or T2 modules either. Tax Cycle could have created a whole new module for UHT on its own, and charged for it separately, so let’s be happy it’s just one form, and that they DID include it somewhere…

Related issue - CRA now allows electronic filing - using an access code:

Has anybody used this yet? Is it a unique access code, or will our “slip filing” code work?

Hopefully TaxCycle will incorporate the electronic filing capability, but according to the website, they don’t yet…