Two Principal Residences - Client Letter

Is the following syntax correct?

{{# (S3.Residence.Designation = “SomeYears”) or (S3.Residence.Designation = “AllYears”) or (S3.Residence.Designation = “Properties”) }}

A client disposed of two properties, each a principal residence for some years owned, so I ticked the 3rd box on S3. However the “Principal residence reporting” paragraph did not appear in the client letter, It does appear to work for the 1st and 2nd boxes but not for the 3rd.

Any ideas?

I discovered the same issue and I recoded it to show paragraph based on the “yes” and “No” answer on the Info page.

{{# CurrentClient.Info.Filing.PrincipalResidence = “Yes” }} {{/ CurrentClient.Info.Filing.PrincipalResidence}}

This is the coding I put around the paragraph.


Teena Johnsson | Accounting Technician
P: 403.638.3116 | F: 403.638.9166 | Box 1963 | #201, 101-6th Street S.W. | Sundre, AB | T0M 1X0


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You are right @keith1 . I will fix that for the next release.

The field code must have changed. It should be as follows:

{{# (S3.Residence.Designation = "SomeYears") or (S3.Residence.Designation = "AllYears") or (S3.Residence.Designation = "MultipleProperties") }}