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Did the taxpayer sell a home

It’s a small thing, but if there has been data entered in the Principal Residence section of the S3, could that automatically trigger the checkbox on the Personal Information asking the question to Yes?

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However, it you clear the info, the program would then need to automatically untrigger the question. In the end, it may cause more issues with possible misfilings

It could be a simple binary switch and only changes on an event. If there is data in a field it switches to yes, if you clear the field it switches to no.


How about a review message with a quickfix if the data does not match??

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@Cameron, my preference would be if there is data there, yes. If it is blank or becomes blank, have neither yes nor no checked which would then prompt the existing review message. My thinking is that if you have entered data there, the answer needs to be yes.

To get something out quickly this would work;

I think having something more integrated like @matthew says would be better in the long run