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Tuition Transfer

TaxCycle automatically transfers unused tuition credits to a parent with the higher income.

Can anyone tell me how to make TaxCycle transfer the credit to the other parent?

Thank you

To transfer the unused portion of a dependent’s tuition go to the Dependent worksheet and in the Tuition section there is a line for “Transfer claimed by:”. You can change which spouse will claim the tuition transfer credit there.

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Thank you Sarka!

I have a similar issue however when I go to the dependent worksheet to change who is claiming the credit it turns into an override so I cannot change who is making the claim. Just wondering why that is.

If you follow sarka’s instructions, in order for it not to show up as an “override” you would need to first go to the Optimization Screen and turn Optimization to off. This will allow you to decide who gets the transfer.

Sometimes optimization is a game of tug of war, and even if you go to the appropriate area in the Optimization page you can’t change a YES to a NO without even that selection showing up as an over-ride.

Thank you - that worked great!