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Timeline for T3010 certification

Is there any timeline for when the T3010 module will have certification for year ends after Dec 31 2016? Or could you clarify if the CRA will accept these forms despite the certification warning?

Also, echoing @BertMulderCGA’s suggestion I think it would be a great time saver to enable GIFI import to the T3010 module.


@rick.s You can use the current version of T3010 to do fiscal year ending in 2017. Unlike T1 or T2, the CRA does not require us to update/re-certify T3010 unless there are forms that change from year to year.

@BertMulderCGA @rick.s Would GIFI help with /speed up T3010 preparation?

For example, question 4050 (“Did the charity own land and/or building?”, I suppose we can check the charity’s S100 to see if there are land and building on its balance sheets.

For lines 4200 and 4350, we can also check S100 for the values.

Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks!


It will help, but it is not a high priority for me, as I only do about 4 T3010’s…

@Steven, thanks very much for clarifying.

Is there any chance the certification warning for 2017 Y/Es in the T3010 module could be removed if there isn’t really an issue? The warning has caused a few of our employees to resort to PDFs, and while I’ll send out an email to clarify, my IT related mass emails don’t always get absorbed I find!

GIFI would certainly be a welcome addition at our firm. We do quite a bit of NPO work, and we’re loving the GIFI import/automation relating to T1044s. I think the result would be much the same for T3010s.


Just to be clear. Are you referring to this message?

This message should not prevent you from creating a 2017 fiscal year ending T3010 or printing T3010 barcode for filing. If you are referring to a different message, please let me know.


Thanks Steven - that’s the message. I’ll clarify with our employees to go ahead and use the module, but I think it would be great to remove that message as it is causing confusion.

We will remove that message in the upcoming release.