Therapy dog

I have a client who is a therapist, that purchased a dog for therapy sessions. This animal is not provided to the client, but rather is used as part of the actual therapy session.

Does anyone have any experience as to how to treat the purchase as an asset, along with amortization? I think the useful life may be 5 - 10 years, depending on the age of the dog at purchase. I could not find a specific reference under the CCA rules, but one could reasonably write the cost off over that period. I would assume that there is also the argument that there is a personal portion to the dog ownership as well.

I would expense ongoing food/vet/… expenses as period costs.

Livestock is fully expensed in the year of acquisition.


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I would agree with that, provided they were reporting farming income.

You can’t deduct for any pet, though. You need to have proof that the animal is indeed trained by certain dog training organization(s) and is helping you in generating revenue.

You are correct. If there is a way of adding the dog as an asset, then I would apply some %age for personal use, to reduce the ACB.

Proof is available, just trying to figure out how to record the purchase.

Personal use, how many personal pets& snuggles per month and how many pets & snuggles per mont by patients😊by


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Is the dog a consultant, assistant, or piece of equipment?