Dog fostering - cost of dog food

Client is fostering a dog from an animal rescue and was told that the cost of dog food can be written off. I 'm having trouble finding a reference to support the write off. Should it be a donation in kind with a donation slip from the rescue? Appreciate any feedback.

If the agency is a Registered Charitable Organization, there might be an option for a donation in kind. Client would be MUCH better off making a cash donation for food, and having the agency provide food for the dog(s) to be housed.

If the agency is NOT a Registered Charitable Organization, nope, nothing, nada, zilch.

Thanks. I will ask the client to contact the animal rescue.

If the foster group is US based, they are correct - the cost can be deducted on the US Tax Return.

The problem is that your client isn’t filing a US Tax Return and Canadian law does not permit this. It does permit the person donating money for the food to the foster organization, the foster organization (assuming it is a Registered Canadian Charity,) issues the receipt, buys the food, and gives the food to the foster family.

Most Canadian foster groups buy the food for the foster family. They don’t give money for the foster to buy food.

(I am half of a foster family waiting for our next foster to arrive in… about two hours.)

Thank you for clarifying the way this is in both Canada and the US. Good luck with your next foster.