Medical expense

We should be able to write off groceries as medical expense since it is a life sustaining therapy.

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I agree…especially after May 1st!

I mean sure, that’s if you have a celiac disease, then you’re allowed to claim for gluten free products as a medical expense. However that’s if you have a doctor’s prescription. if you don’t, then nope :-1:

Also out of curiosity, is edible weed considered a medical expense. I’m assuming you’d need a medical prescription for it to be considered as well. I had someone argue with me that they should be allowed to claim their weed laced gummy bears as medical expense.

As I haven’t filed yet, and as we had to have our cat euthanized last year, and as she lowered my blood pressure in times of stress, I think I’ll add in the vet’s bill. There’s a doctor out there somewhere who will go along with it.
Years ago, I was writing up the books (yes, WRITING) for a contractor, and there were cheques written to a vet for Shirley, marked as “Security”. Also, dog food bills for Shirley, also marked as security. Eventually, I visited the contractor’s compound and met Shirley. After that, I had no qualms about entering these payments under security.

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LOL - I had a similar thing back in the '80s with a fellow who scouted pipelines and pre-evaluated routes and camps for environmental impacts. He had a dog named Buddy…and a shotgun…as he spent a LOT of his time in the wilds of Northern Alberta alone in the middle of nowhere. Buddy was trained for bears and smelling leaks in pipelines and was similarly deducted. Any bear attempting an attack would have been sorely tested! (For that matter…any human, too!!)

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